Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Real blokes

I think it's a fair question to say "What constitutes a real man"?

It's easy to measure it on performance, like who works the hardest, who goes the hardest, who scores the most points etc.

But does that cut it? Is that the benchmark. I mean, can you charge 30 foot Waimea and still be a self centred little boy?

The answer is yes. There's plenty of "successful" men who have never sacrificed for others.

So maybe a real bloke has to have other attributes.

Like, putting others before self.
Like, being willing to die for a cause....maybe not literally most times (maybe we need to die to self ) but sometimes, like the guys that defended the Islands above Australia in WW2 it is literal.

So, my list of "real" blokes. Some real, some fictional.

But they are all men I look up to.

1. Jesus Christ.
2. The Phantom (Yes, as in the comic's).
3. Jack, out of Titanic.
4. Oscar Romero (Catholic Priest).
5. Brother Andrew (Open Doors)
6. Ghandi.
7. The apostle Paul.
8. W. Stanley Fisher (Sacrificed life to find Lester Stillwell in the 1916 Matawan Creek shark attacks that inspired Jaws).
9. Hawkeye out of 'Last of the Mohicans'.
10. William Wallace (Brave Heart).
11. The team from 'The Invisible children.
12. Brett White (Pastor, grace under pressure).
13. Rocky Balboa.
14. King Arthur from the most recent movie.
15. Losh Matthews (Boxing trainer, generous beyond....anything I've seen).
16. John Eldredge and team.
17. Chuck Norris, or at least what he represented in "Missing in Action".
18. Leon Munro. (Do you need to ask)?
19. Clyde Thomas (Quadruplegic and more capable and giving than anyone I know).
20. Perry Boyd, gave up his life to look after his brother for the last 20 years.

and finally, Callard Prestoe......that's a man I want to be like in faith and action.

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