Friday, August 21, 2009

Jarryd Hayne

I'm feeling good.

Firstly, I was at a boxing match tonight where I was the cornerman for Craig 'Crusher' Guerin and my friend told me that the Eels were signing my daughters jersey and Jarryd Hayne was signing her Eels bear, which is....amazingly....known as Jarryd Hayne.

Thanks Carlee, you are a legend.

Then I came home, to find the Tigers 8 points ahead of Eels. I was feeling anxious. This was a pretty important stoush for the Eels, and they both had the golden boys (Marshall and Hayne) on red alert.

But by the 80 minute mark, with a 26-18 score in favour of the Eels, something amazing had happened.

My daughter and I had bonded in a new and very noisy way. Never in this house has louder noise been heard. And most of it as an amazing young man named Jarryd did what amazing young men do. They stir stuff up, they bust the status quo and they redefine excellence. In 1992 Kelly Slater did it. In the early nineties Tiger Woods did it. Michael Phelps is doing it in swimming. And back in the early 80's a bespectacled Bill Gates did it in IT.

But only Jarryd is signing the bear. So this post is all about the excitement of the Eels coming from the back of the pack and looking like a potential GF contender. And it's not all Jarryd. There are so many cracka-lackin players in the Eels right now. But watching Hayne chip the ball in the second half and retrieve it and put it over the line.....almost effortlessly...was like watching Kelly Slater surf switchfoot in the Hot Buttered/O&E Pro Junior in 1992 in the final.....history was being made and the old guard was being ushered out.

Thanks Jarryd and the Eels for a great night. Go all the way boys.

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