Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Churinga stone: Aboriginal Poltergiest at Bowen Mt

My friend and fellow Pastor, Robin Swope has the best paranormal blog on earth.
Check it out at:


The latest story is a true one that my wife experienced growing up and it will certainly make you think twice about bringing religious or cultural artifacts into your home.


Check it out, let Robin know what you think.


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  1. Hi Baz
    I let Robin know that the stone he writes about is not a Tjuringa and was indeed a stone adze. I even sent him a photo of my Uncle Norman holding an identical stone adze. I have explained in an email to him about the significance of a Tjuringa etc but he seems happy to let people remain in ignorance of the stones true identity.
    It concerns me the the finger is being pointed at aboriginal traditional owners for supernatural events when indeed the stone is simply a tool and not something with ceremonial or spiritual significance.
    Drop me an email and I will share my email to Robin with you.
    I am not some skeptic trying to rain on his parade but the truth should be told.
    I am not saying that the events in the story did not happen. I just want it known that the stone tool is most probably not the culprit!
    cheers Russ