Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bazza's favourite 10 sportsmen

Ok, I'm not your average sports nut. I'm fairly specific in terms of range and shallow in terms of experience, light on in terms of statistics, subjective in terms of analysis.

But I have an opinion and a blog, so that's all I need. This is not a list of quantitative results, these are people 'I like' but I probably like them because of what they have achieved.

So without further ado.

1. Kelly Slater (Surfing).
2. Muhammed Ali (Boxing).
3. Ray Price (Rugby League).
4. Mike Tyson '85-'89 (Boxing).
5. Mark Schwarzer (Soccer).
6. Les Darcy (Boxing).
7. Andrew Johns (Rugby League).
8. Mark Occhilupo (Surfing).
9. Tony Hawk (Skateboarding).
10. Jeremy McGrath (Motocross).

Your list will be totally different, but it has equal value to anyone else's, because it's your opinion.

1 comment:

  1. Adam Gilchrist (Cricket)
    Freddie Spencer (GP Motorcycles)
    Lance Armstrong (Bicycling - Tour de France)
    Lote Tuquiri (Rugby Union)
    Rod Marsh (Cricket)
    Ian Thorpe (Swimming)
    Craig Lowndes (V8 Supercars)
    Jack Brabham (Motor Racing)
    Kevin Sheedy (AFL)
    Sven Ottke (Boxing...for his KO of Anthony Mundine)