Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can you take the Westie out of the Shire

Charles Cook and always laugh about it. He grew up at Mount Druitt. I grew up at Parramatta (Dad's)/Bowen Mt (Mum's). I thought Mt Druitt was the city, compared to where I lived - I mean it had the waterworks. We were fully fledged Westies. I lived out west from 1972-1988. Charles was close to the same (he's a little older and moved in the mid eighties). When I hit the M7 heading west, I feel like it's the way home. Charles says the same thing.
For all you westies, we know where the Heights Pub is and the secret of magnetic hill.

Then we both ended up at Cronulla, the absolute epicentre of the Shire.

Funny thing is, I have been here for 21 years...but I can't let go of the inner westie.
I was in boardriding clubs for 10 years. For goodness sake, I met Brad Whittaker because we were both sponsored by G&S. I have surfed in four countries. So why did I publicly dump the Cronulla Sharks in October last year to come out of the closet as a passionate Eels supporter.

The inner westie.

Why did I stop surfing in 1996 to take up hunting.

The inner westie.

Why do I have to refrain from spitting on the sidewalk when I walk up the main street of Caringbah.

The inner westie.

I lived in the western suburbs of Sydney for 16 years. I have lived in the Shire for 21 years.
Don't get me wrong - my biggest blessings have been in the Shire.

But I still married the girl next door - from out west.
And we both know all the lyrics to the Radiators songs that we heard at Windsor skatel.

And only you westies will understand the cultural impact that has.

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