Monday, August 3, 2009

Can the Parramatta Eels do it again?

The mighty Eels - or at least they were from 1981 - 1986. That's when I was a kid from a broken home, and Dad lived at North Parramatta. I watched as a kid in year 3 all the way to a fourteen year old in that dingy green fibro house of Nan's as the Eels continued their onslaught, with names like Price, Ella, Cronin, Grothe and Sterling dotted the star studded ranks.

Then I moved to Cronulla and under immense pressure caved in to my ex-girlfriends father - I started to support the Sharks. Half heartedly for years and years until a mide life crisis on my 36th birthday slapped me to my senses. I immediately purchased that Eels football that Dad promised me in 1983 but was never forthcoming. Then came the Jersey, the keyring, the car deoderant, the dvd's........The Eels were back like never before in my life. But it was a different team, a different era.

And then.....Jarryd Hayne suddenly became the poster boy of all that is fantatstic in NRL.

The question is.....can the Eels do it again in my generation?

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  1. I recently heard that Jarryd Hayne was a person with strong Christian beliefs. With the new CEO a Christian, God's favour is likely to be on the mighty Eels in 2010.