Tuesday, August 4, 2009

David Haye: Next world heavywight boxing star?

With his movie star looks, and a solid record with a number of world titles in the Cruiser weight division, David Haye is looking to make his mark on the heavywight division of boxing. Long gone are the glory days of what has always been the most exciting division in boxing. In fact, the last 'star' of the division was probably Haye's British counterpart Lennox Lewis.

If David Haye can do what he says he will - take out the Klitchko brothers and unify the division (which will never happen at present as the brothers won't fight each other) there could be exciting times ahead for boxing as an antidote to the massive market share taking by UFC.

I for one say "Go the Hayemaker" and can't wait until he pulls it off.

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