Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why we need sports Chaplains?

Australia is a country that is defined worldwide by two things: Tourism and sports.
As much as we'd like it to be known as "The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit" (Austrialis del Espiritu Santo)only a handful of people recognise Pedro Fernandez De Quiros' quote or recognise the implications of it.

We are an island that has has been blessed by incredible beauty and sporting tenacity. As such people go to worship either in nature or at the sport. That's why 6.4 million Australians (18 million if you include their families) participate in sport every week in the land down under. Compare that to 1.5 million people who attend Church every week and that is based on an NCLS that is 8 years old (Christian affiliation as opposed to Church attendance is about 12 million).

So if we are serious about the good news and being the feet that carry it, what better place to start than Sports Chaplaincy.

And this is why.

In NSW alone, two sporting clubs HAVE ASKED FOR 500 chaplains.
AFL and Pony Clubs.

Motorsports Chaplain Gary Coleman says he cannot meet the demand for chaplains in Motocross, Supercars, Sprint Cars, Carts and all other forms of racing.

Can't meet the demand.

And yet we create strategies in Churches based on people walking in the door.

The prayers of the SCA (Sports Chaplaincy Australia) and many others for the last 25 years are being answered. The sports are crying out for Christian men and women to come and bring hope and healing where it is needed most - where the people really are.

Three sports have been mentioned and they need between 500 and 600 Chaplains. There are at least another 50 sports that will eventually have the same need.

NSW alone.

I posted this as a call to action. Pray. See if you are called to be a Chaplain. You won't get paid. You can't ask for merchandise. It's a sacrifice. You'll have to go to practice, to the game, to critical incidents. But if you know those people aren't going to walk into a Church and you can make a difference, why not join our Chaplaincy Hub on Face Book http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=81046302187&ref=ts and we can help you in your journey toward this calling.


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